Learning To Write Numbers
Learning numbers for children
   Learning to Write Numbers | Teaching Math

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Learning to Write Numbers (for kids)

Whether at school or at home, learning to write numbers can be fun for kids aged preschool and up, if they are given the right tools. Learning the basics of arithmetic is a prerequisite to mastering higher mathematics and, although our children aren't necessarily geniuses, as parents we are very proud as they demonstrate they can learn a new number. There are a lot of number tricks and tools available these days for learning to write, and they aren't hard to find in books or online. Some tricks are old and have been around for centuries, even since the time of Pythagorean. Do you remember Pythagorean's theorem? Fortunately, we probably won't need to teach them that, at least not for a while.

One of the easiest ways to start is to get online and put in a few related search words, such as "numbers," "write," and "children." My own Google search using these terms returned 160 million hits. Of course, not every hit is going to be relevant and "learning" would have been a good word, too, but you can be pretty sure that the top hits are going to have something to do with teaching your preschool children how to read and write numbers. In particular, my search returned hits dealing with "number buddies," "number drawings", a video, and numbers in Spanish. It might be that your children have already learned how to use a computer and search the Internet. If not, this could be a good time to show how it's done. Not only will they learn where numbers are located on the keyboard, but they can also pull up images that show how numbers should be written.

Whether used at home, preschool, or kindergarten, coloring books are a great resource for teaching kids how to write numbers. The kids won't need someone to explain as they have fun coloring spaces in and around numbers. You could say their getting a lesson in math and art at the same time. Some coloring books will have simple math operations like addition and subtraction. These are especially good for reinforcing skills if your child is a little older and has already been taught the basic writing skills.

Some coloring books will contain drawings or picture images of everyday objects such as bikes, kites or houses, along with a number to write or draw in with a crayon. The child can count the objects and compare to the number to see how many objects there are. But truly, the object of writing at this age is to have fun while playing. Young children are not adults and should not be made to work to learn numbers. Attempting to force children to learn to write anything before their brains are sufficiently developed may cause them to develop emotional problems that could last a lifetime.

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